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Old Oak Ranch is thrilled to announce the new internship program that will be coming to the camp January 2017. The program is called Mathétés (pronounced “math-ay-tes”), which is the Greek word for disciple. The Mathétés program will be taking the place of the Advanced Ministry Preparation (AMP) program, but the program will still have the skill training, leadership training, and most important, the ministry and ministry training.

Old Oak Ranch’s Mathétés Internship Program is a 10-month intensive discipleship program geared for young adults who desire to pursue God’s call on their lives for ministry. Mathétés Interns are challenged to grow in so many ways. They develop public speaking skills, practice the discipline of daily Scripture reading and journaling, and learn many life skills like cooking, cleaning, and setting priorities. In addition to working at Old Oak Ranch, Interns serve at Foursquare churches throughout the Central Pacific District.

Interns also have the opportunity to take college courses and may be eligible to receive partial or full scholarships for schooling at approved colleges.

Summer Impact

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impactlogoThis program is designed to create radical growth and challenge every area of the Intern’s life. The structure and the rules of this program are established to impact the following areas: spiritual, personal development, and ministry.

This is a 10 week internship during the summer months. Each Intern receives a stipend and housing is provided on campus.

Over the course of the session, each intern who strongly dedicates himself/herself to this ministry will reap rewards greatly. Some of these rewards include:

  • Spiritual growth in your relationship with God.
  • Extensive training in varied ministry skills.
  • Learning to live as a 24/7 servant.
  • Learning video editing, service production, sound; the sky is the limit! 


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gideonlogoThis ministry training program is available for students entering their junior or senior year in high school, under 18 years of age. It is designed specifically for students who want to discover Gods call for their lives.

This is a four week internship. Each intern receives room and board and a small stipend.

This program will expose you to hard work, spiritual exercise, and fun! Gideon’s will be lead by the Old Oak Ranch ministry staff, AMP Interns, and various youth pastors and leaders to discover and act on Gods call to minister. Foundational principles of holiness and discipline will be taught in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Discovering ones gifts and identifying God given abilities will also be fundamental in this program.


If you have any questions about the internship programs, feel free to call us at (209) 532-4295.


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