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Conference Center

For over 60 years, Old Oak Ranch has aimed to serve many people, groups and churches. Everything you would need (and want) for a retreat or camp is all located on the property, and all in walking distance: sleeping arrangements, food service, activities, sports, meeting rooms, and more! 

Throughout the year, Old Oak Ranch provides a serene place for people to escape their everyday life and enjoy time away. Old Oak Ranch can facilitate:

  • church retreats
  • school-club retreats
  • school field trips
  • scrapbooking/quilting retreats
  • family reunions
  • weddings
  • day camps
  • any group gathering

If you need a space for any type of gathering, conference, or retreat, Old Oak Ranch is the all-inclusive conference center where you want to book.

Old Oak Ranch Staff and Interns strive to make your stay as pleasant as can be by providing the following ammenities:

  • On-call host to help meet your group needs
  • Coffee (morning and night)
  • VIP linen services
  • Optional fine dining menu
  • and much more!

For more information or to start booking a retreat today, click "BOOK A CAMP" at the top of this page!

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